Exact Binomial Test (EBT)

a statistic test identifying moderate size of significant features with balanced power and precision for genome-wide rate comparisons.

Rate Comparison :

Group1 Group2


OR Upload an tab delimited text file without header :    

The file should have 5 columns; 1st - gene symbol; 2nd - positive observations in group1; 3rd - total samples in group1; 4th - positive observations in group2; 5th - total samples in group2.


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The newly developed method EBT is widely used for the analysis and extraction of atypical features of various diseases and the development of predictive models.


A software for predicting the two main lung cancer subtypes, lung adenocar-cinoma (LUAD) and lung squamous cell carcinoma (LUSC).


  A tool for facilitating the testing of the new method in prostate cancer prognosis prediction.


Software tools for implementing the logistic regression models predicting Preeclampsia(PE) risks.